• MJ Guider - Temporary Requiem

MJ Guider - Temporary Requiem


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Depth charging, haunted cassette issue of MJ Guider's 'Temporary Requiem' - out on modemain. Dark chamber sonics that traverse from lithe, to utterly heavy goth incarnations - the clips will give you a taste, but the full listen is what'll really do it.

Fans of Dead Space Chamber Music, ATC, Fever 103, Blackest Ever Black... Take a dive into this one.

"Temporary Requiem is a mass for dance - the music score to “Known Mass. No. 3: St. Maurice.” A collaboration with Ann Glaviano, a dance maker and choreographer (and friend since our time together at a girl's Catholic school in New Orleans), it utilizes heavily dissected and altered passages of the traditional Latin requiem mass as the accompanying text across 6 movements.

As the mission of “St. Maurice” is to build and break down a lost church over the span of the performance, the music serves to help transport "the congregation" to this dreamworld. Initially written and recorded over two weeks in 2018, Temporary Requiem is a proto-Sour Cherry Bell (kranky 2020), serving as an experimental space and springboard for ideas for that LP. Temporary Requiem completes a trinity with SCB and equally-of-the-era Matanzas."

Kyrie: The Stained Glass Windows In Their Original Order

Gloria: Small Dance Of Gratitude

Credo: Here & Gone

Sanctus: A Falling Dance

Benedictus: Tribute To Leviathan, Her Ancestors & Her Progeny

Agnus Dei: Large Dance Acknowledging The Ephemerality Of All Things