• V/A - Time Horizon IV
  • V/A - Time Horizon IV

V/A - Time Horizon IV


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Big, bad & heavy slice of darkside grime-flavoured bassline mutations from a combined crew of artists, served up via the XCPT label, on a viny-only 12" for maximum pressure and weight on the turntable >>

On this disc you'll find Pushlock, Eduardo, Marco Segato, Low End Activist and Cel, plus a re-mastered version of “FWD” by 2nd II None, previously released back in 2007. 

All tracks properly bang tbh, fans of Vex'D and Atki2's earliest glitch-grime works that are looking for something along this lines, but current and future-facing, will feed a good itch with the first two cuts on this record. Everyone else, just make sure you take extra care when dropping that ghostly bass and those razored drums on the A3, and drop the similarly warped weight of Low End Activist after that at your own peril... Screwface alert.

The 2nd II None unearthed cut brings back hazy memories of early Mystikz and also early UK Funky and the darker edge of UKG. Once those gunshots fling through the mist  of reverb as it drops, and that squashed bassline rears its ugly head, there's no turning back - gunfinger skank.
Last, but not least - Cel completes the circle with a rudely reduced dubstepper for people lost in the echo chamber. Meditate on bassweight, as originally intended.

Pushlock - Blockchain

Eduardo - Shift

Marco Segato & Eduardo - Comma 22

Low End Activist - Gas

2nd II None - RWD

Cel - Jillybean