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Bad Tracking - Clanger / May Day / October Remix / Giant Swan Remix


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Bristol's Bad Tracking land on FuckPunk with their most cantankerous record yet, following up a super strong debut 12" on Mechanical Reproductions last year.

Bad Tracking, aka Max Kelan Pearce & Gordon Apps, have become renowned in live circuits with their no-compromise shows that takes absolutely no prisoners when it comes to expression, delivering a blitz of noise, charged rhythms and anguished vox.
This record sees them bring forward a new display of force, with the power-drill anthem entitled 'Clanger' and the ever-swelling, about to burst, time-bomb that is 'May Day'.
The two originals are hard-as-u-like and well worth every penny already, but FuckPunk have called on the skills from Bristol family October & Giant Swan for extra measure, with two boundary crushing remixes.

Situated on the B1, the October Dub is probably the sweatiest production we've heard from the man, arpeggiating synth, hissing & fizzing electronics and an irresistible drum sound make this proper dungeon club gear for the 6am freaks. This one is a weapon.

Capping off a cutting-edge noise record with some truly experimental sonics, Giant Swan defy the conventions of techno by scratching at it's formula like a hungry dog, ripping the it to shreds with a foaming mouth and red eyes.

Hard as nails, industrial-strength Bristolian FuckPunk gear from some of the hottest talent in this city, hands-down.

Edition of 200.
Hand-stamped & printed centre labels.
Comes in oversized poly bag, with BAD TRACKING shreds inside.


May Day

May Day (October Dub)

Clanger (Giant Swan Remix)