• Dubkasm ft. Ras Addis - Strictly Ital (20th Anniversary Reissue) + Exclusive Dubplate Cuts

Dubkasm ft. Ras Addis - Strictly Ital (20th Anniversary Reissue) + Exclusive Dubplate Cuts

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From two thousand and three, to twenty twentythree!


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Cementing the legacy of Dubkasm's contributions to the Bristol / UK / Intl Roots scene over the years, originally out in 2003, and only pressed in a ltd edition of 500 12" records, which were then hand-distributed directly by Dubkasm's Dj Stryda to record shops from Bristol to London and up and around the UK.
Pre internet-era, and with no repress ever available for all these years due to the loss of the original vinyl stampers, now, 20 years on, the very first release on Dubkasm's Sufferah's Choice label gets revitalised in the form of this reissue. Cut to a full, mighty sounding high quality 12" disc, remastered and cut for full pressure, with two cuts of Strictly Ital pressed up on the A side (plus another two, which you can only hear / receive as a digital file alongside this vinyl, as mentioned above), and with another gem, Hornsman Trod, and its dub counterpart pressed to the flipside, to round things off in rock solid 'hi-tek roots' style.

Strictly Ital features a great vocal contribution from long time friend Ras Addis on a vocal tribute to Ital livity, which is anchored by a typically harmonious, and rich-in-melody, yet utterly heavyweight piece of rootical steppers business from Digistep and Stryda, aka Dubkasm.

Strictly Ital was the first full release of theirs in the early 00s, after some years building a reputation on Bristol's local (illegal) pirate radio airwaves and in the UK soundsystem scene - Dubkasm became known and revered as providers of dubplates for the big UK sounds such as Iration Steppas, Aba Shanti-I and Jah Shaka - following their humble appearance with the track 'Chemical Reaction Dub' on the infamous Dub Out West comp, all the way back in 1996.

Pressed up with new centre label artwork, and reissued as the 31st release on Dubkasm Records (previously known as Sufferah's Choice) - the 12" comes packed with the original Strictly Ital, with Ras Addis adding depth and spiritual guidance to a deep, infectious steppers cut. Guided by a scaling hornsline (from Shanti-Ites players Colin Marcland and Digistep) and a growling bass that trembles underneath sharp, rolling metallic percussion and the reassuring clank of the snare - a real Dubkasm sound-signifier, and great to hear in it's early incarnation, 20 years prior to where we are now. 'Years without fears!' as Dj Stryda would probably say.

Italist Dub is the next cut, and it lets reverberated cymbals and dubbed sine tones dash out to the sound horizon in echo form, as the rhythm and bass section continues to 'tear down the walls of babylon', which we're assured on by Ras Addis with his lyrics.
Phased reverberations and snapshots of the melodic parts take us to higher heights, while the bassline keeps us grounded and standing tall. Faultless, heavyweight roots music for roots & culture appreciators, dubheads and sound freaks alike.

Flip the disc for the cult classic 'Hornsman Trod', a great, more mellow counterpart to the Strictly Ital piece, perfectly matching the mood and finding similar sound palettes, but taking things a step down, into a deeper steppers chug, letting the perfectly-paced Horns sway and swerve across a warm, growling bassline, whilst tricky effects dash out via the aux signals of the mixing board - especially so, on the final cut 'Trodding Dub'...  Digistep at the controls!
Although Strictly Ital, with it's vocal hook and the more urgent mood provide the focus of this record, we recommend not underestimating the power of Hornsman Trod and the Trodding Dub - this is potent, powerful dub music with heart & soul and respect to the JA traditions, in a UK dub style.

As if that 12" reissue - presented with such care and dedication, and full to the brim with high-grade sound - wasn't enough, Dubkasm have very kindly offered to let loose not one but TWO fresh dub versions from their studio in Easton, Bristol.
These are dubplate cuts - i.e. originally intended to be played only by a very close, few selectors and soundsystem operators - but as a thank you for the continued support of Dubkasm - and the vinyl scene which would not exist without you! - Digistep and Stryda have decided to offer these two mighty cuts out EXCLUSIVELY via our site - direct to your inbox when you grab the vinyl from us.

The first dubplate cut gives us a new, soundsystem minded take of Strictly Ital. This dub lets the thud of the kicks direct the pace as the bass rumbles, with full impact and space, below. Echo chamber percussion fills the upper space below the bass tremor. Raw, and full of vibes, with tripped out dub effects going round their own axis in fine style - A special cut indeed!

The next extra cut dives deeper into the sphere of the Strictly Ital piece with Addis - once again, DUBWISE is the order of the day. A rough, tumbling dub version, with extra injection of anti babylonian vocal excerpts from the don Ras Addis, a mystical voice for Jah and and a long-running veteran of the Bristol scene.


Remastered and reissued for the first time in 20 years.
Cut & mastered by Lewis at Stardelta, pressed at Optimal for maximum vinyl sound quality.
Includes DL and extra dubplate cuts as wav to your inbox when you grab the vinyl (not available separately). >>

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Strictly Ital

Italist Dub

Hornsman Trod

Trodding Dub