• Feel Free Hi-Fi - Dragon Dance
  • Feel Free Hi-Fi - Dragon Dance

Feel Free Hi-Fi - Dragon Dance

Digital Sting

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Big technoid depth charge steppers styles from the Feel Free Hi-Fi crew, Digital Sting at the controls.

With a twist of King Earthquake in a cloud of smoke with TNT Roots and some extra Ruff Sqwad in there maybe... Dragon Dance is executed in a concise, but deadly heads-down, warmingly de-tuned and sound engineered kind of meditative way, full of catchy hooks and zoned out melodies.

This one sounds proper good at loud volume on the turntable, trust!

"Dragon Dance is the third release by Twin Cities Sound System duo, Feel Free Hi Fi following the Prophet Noir EP and a split 12” with Kingston's Equiknoxx in 2021. Dragon Dance's instrumentals pick up where Prophet Noir left off.

The dark dystopian industrialism of Prophet Noir remains present in Dragon Dance but in lieu of a dancehall influenced approach, Dragon Dance leans into the duo's love of foundation UK steppers and dub history."

Beautiful presentation with heavily inked double sided silkscreen printed DJ jackets, with Obi Strip style stickers and hand stamped white labels, all created and printed by Digital Sting - DIY Style!

 Ltd Edition - don't wait around too long if you want a slice of this goodness +++ make sure to also grab that double dropped Duppy Dun linkup 12" on Digital Sting while you're at it.

Dragon Dance


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