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  • Gaia Tones - Dream

Gaia Tones - Dream

Gaia Tones

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Always a mighty pleasure to get our grubby hands on a new one in the no-fuss-dub series of Gaia Tones records - and this 5th instalment is keeping us swaying and boppin' just right, no more no less, in that GT kinda way, where woozy electronics and semi-lucid percussion bounce like clockwork in a world where time ain't linear, but moves in a more mysterious, alluring kind of way.

These are the kind of records that you'll come back to again and again, and you'll find they open up a door to that specific mood each time - if you're already intrigued by the vibes on these clips, then please - you can rely on this one to keep it's flavour and stand tall on your shelf over the years, but you should also remember that the subtleties and nuances may be reveal themselves even more with time.... In short - this one's treasure, so treat it with respect, and only tell your closest about this secret, or else it might spoil the surprise.

Or, as the label say:

"Vengeful abstractions and pagan patterns filling the subconscious with loose, biotic rhythms locked in sync by distant chants and and faint echoes of percussion from the ether. DREAM contains the jazz-minded YIN, building borderless walls of ambience with rich analog sounds recalling water and air. On the flip side, 11+ minutes of land-filled, mechanical dub-beatings act as spiritual steps through the deep, intricate maze of consciousness that is Gaia Tones."


Great disc, served in a nice DIY way - real people music, this.


Yin: Dream (Clip 1)

Yin: Dream (Clip 2)

Yang: Dream (Clip 1)

Yang: Dream (Clip 2)