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Jabu - Sleep Heavy

Blackest Ever Black

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<< Back in stock, this gem from around 2017... still sounding fully lush >>

The long-awaited, highly anticipated Jabu full-length!

Regulars to our site and followers of our NoCorner project will already be well aware of the dots that connect us with the the work of Jabu, as friends, supporters and fans. We're super pleased that this record is now out there via Blackest Ever Black, and it's prowess can be heard by everyone that needs to hear it.
We knew about this LP being in the works for some time now, and we waited patiently, knowing that each minute would be worth the wait, and no minute would be spent unnecessarily during the time of creation. Amos Childs, the producer (also half of O$VMV$M, 1/11th of Young Echo) is a perfectionist in his own right, and this becomes clear when listening to the instrumentals below Alex Rendall and Jasmine's vocal layers.
Space is just as important as anything in this record, with each bruised casio rhythm, fragile chord structure and obscured melody dropping, swaying and dancing around the eloquently tuned notes of Alex's vocals, who takes a brave inhale and exhale, lunging his styles closer towards the almost untouchable stylings of giants such as Teddy Pendergrass and The Temptations (as BEB deftly put it).
Having recently welcomed Jasmine's understated, cooly placed, often heart-wrenchingly soft vocals into the Jabu formation, it seems that their sound has found a new harmony working so perfectly within this new Jabu dynamic.

From first drop of the stylus, Sleep Heavy opens the door and shuts it neatly upon entry.
We are in the room, the lights have been dimmed. A new glow shines from within, with the flickering glow leading us on a mysterious, cogitative journey from the inside out -
It is, first and foremost, a meditation on grief, on loss, making sense of separation and death; but it also looks forward to what might come after the aftermath: healing, acceptance, the chance to begin again. 

That said, with the lyrics often being more of a melodic current in a warm blanket of sound, rather than a dominant projection of narrative, it's really up to the listener to embark into their introspective sphere... 

Really beautiful stuff.
It will feel familiar right after the first listen, and it will open itself up even more with each listen.
No doubt, a future Bristol classic, in time this will be sitting alongside the greatest.

Comes with DL code.
Artwork by Harry Wright.

1. Let Me Know
2. Tomb
3. Get To You
4. Fool If
5. Bones
6. On
7. Searc
8. Wounds
9. Which Way
10. Lay You Down
11. Give

Fool If


Which Way