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Kalbata & Mixmonster ft. Little John - Prisoner In Love

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Rootical excursion from Tel Aviv to JA -

Brilliant, authentically executed production and perfect-fitting vocal by the legendary voice of 'Little John' and his 'Prisoner In Love' lyric.

Taken from the forthcoming 'Congo Beat The Drum' album, this single is one in a series of recordings made in Tel Aviv on an old mixing desk, in a 100% analogue fashion, on a 16 track tape machine - in the spirit of the late King Tubby and the early dancehall era of the late 70's and early 80's.

Following the recording sessions, Mixmonster and Kalbata visited Kingston, Jamaica to record a series of vocals from the greats... Little John, a deejay with full experience since the early days of Volcano sound and Junjo Lawes, being one of them.

For the dub version, special guest 'Kutiman' drives the CRB organ over the rhythm in free-flowing style.

Seriously good piece of modern meets old-school roots, with a feeling of sweetness and laid-back temper that could almost make it pass for a 60's / 70's soul number.

Kalbata & Mixmonster ft. Little John - Prisoner In Love

Version (ft. Kutiman)