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Max Romeo - Chase The Devil


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Classic Max Romeo / Upsetters! -

Originally out on the 'War Ina Babylon' LP in 1976, 'Chase The Devil' was composed by Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Max Romeo, and later 'versioned' by Lee Perry and Prince Jazzbo with the new title 'Croaking Lizzard' (also available from us) - These tunes are timeless classics, one of those tunes that will resound in reggae history for eternity...

Sometimes you just can't deny a good composition and a catchy hook, this is one of those tunes... The many versions and remixes that followed it's release are a further testament to this - From 'The Prodigy' through to the GTA radio station K-Jah west... This is a certified hit-tune.
Flip it for the lesser-known, lovely dub version of Lee Perry's 'Disco Devil' - just in case you needed further persuading.

Classic! This is a disc most certainly worth having in the collection!

Max Romeo - Chase The Devil