• NY Graffiti - New Mask / Rainstick Remix

NY Graffiti - New Mask / Rainstick Remix

Peace Anthem

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Fresh slice of UK steppers channeling industrial dancefloor /// brain music from NY Graffiti, out on New York's Peace Anthem label, and served up with a wicked remix by Rainstick of Blazer Sound System fame.

There's a pensive melancholy, stripped back and loopy thing going on with these tracks, but plenty bassline grit, addictive hooks and melodies, and finger snapping rhythm inside the mix, making these tracks equally nice as a meditative home listen, or deployed as a DJ tool for some vibes-increase in the mix.

If, like us, you're a fan of FM synths, triplet HiHat patterns, majestic horns, pitched down bells, a pervading, mixed sense of dread and elation, along with plenty 'dub' in the mix....
then here's your potion!


New Mask (Postcapitalist Desire mix)

New Mask (Rainstick Hippie Homeboy dub)

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