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Salik / DJ Sotofett - Inna Brixton / Acid Site Mix


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Big soundsystem styled trax with London's Salik going head-to-head with DJ Sotofett on this Wania 10" for a heavyweight dubwise session in acidic style & fashion -

This one is from a couple of moons ago - but still, to our ears, burning hot as ever in 2021, and beyond, so we thought we'd get a handful of copies in with our recent box sent over from the Sex Tags / Wania / Amfibia / ETC HQ -

if, like us, you couldn't really care about release dates or being the coolest DJ, you're just here for the music that will sound timeless, or at least nicely describe a certain time, and, if like us, for some reason you slept on this gem when it first came out....

Well.... Turn up the volume... Maybe dim the lights /// close the curtains // lift your gunfingers up in the air (no one's watching, it's ok) // and see if this one resonates the way it should, with body & brain.

... And if so - well, you know what to do - we're here and ready to pack this one into some cardboard for save travelling for you.

+++ Shouts to Eek-A-Mouse btw -
why not grab that Volcano 'Ganja Smuggling' 7" we have here, and see how you can switch the vibe by playing them next to each other... Just an idea.

Salik - Inna Brixton

DJ Sotofett - Acid Site Mix