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Surprise Barbue - Kabukichō


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Wow, wow, wow

- finally here after a bit of courier confusion with these new made up rules between 'french' and 'english' waters
this time-tripping, brain-melting, heart-rendering long form synth excursion from Surprise Barbue, served up via ex-Bristolians Olmo & Heloise zamzamrecs sound-ship!

It took a few moons, and a few tides came and passed in the meantime, but just the other day a box filled with copies of this album washed up outside of our HQ in Bristol, and we're extremely happy to be able to hold copies of this special thing now, and perhaps even share them out with you & yours....

This one instantly grabbed us, soon as we heard that title track.
Kabukichō got us mad-hooked (no complaints about this addiction) right from the first revolution of it's dreamworld navigating, spine arpeggiating brain stimulations. What a beautiful piece of tune!
P.S. there's a nice video of this one to be found on the www, and it features dogs, rabbits, neon lights and slomotion tokyo - well worth the visual trip, if you got a minute.

Although the title track is an absolute treasure and in our opinions validates any price tag already (what the f^k is money anyway), thankfully this album lives up and stays up.... Up there somewhere between those purple clouds at night time, where holographic entities of synth masters and prog-protagonists ride on flying elephants through clouds of rainbow coloured frequency and dreams are made of tangerines rolling up the same stairs that heads once rolled down in aztec times, in a parallel universe where Tito became the musical entertainer of all Quetzalcoatls and the tropical forests engulf city life and Deep Sea Dwellers alike.
Or maybe we're just floating souls above tokyo, entering the void, but in a world where the darkness is covered in sugar and it tastes pretty damn good in our euphoric, post-world states.

With this 9 track (hmmm, or was it 10?!) LP, Benjamin Moutte & Kevin Valentin, aka Surprise Barbue, grace that iridescent zamzam cloud with their first vinyl, following the 2019 'Super Barbu' tape, and it comes served in a limited run of 300, with super-nice artwork, on dark green fluro wax, sounding perfect in all it's analog beauty

Honestly, this is one is medicine.
Only good side-effects.

We're pretty much the only shop on this Island with who have these right now too, just sayin'

Edition of 300.

Music by Surprise Barbue
Benjamin Moutte & Kevin Valentin : synthesizers & effects

Recorded at Local 12, L'Engeance, Dijon, France
Mastering by Angstrom Mastering, Bruxelles
Mixed by Benjamin Moutte

1. ルデン街
2. Cerf-Souris
3. Messe Noire
4. Chanson Pour Un Bernard L'Hermite
5. Kabukichō
6. La Mer
7. Le Triomphe De Neptune
8. L'Arche De Noe
9. Robin Le Delica


Chanson pour un Bernard L'Hermite

Robin Le Délicat

La Mer