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Tapes - Sauna Research


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Two riddims to make U sweat drips of bliss from your headtop down to your golden heart, from Jackson 'Tapes' Bailey - dropping the Sauna Research and Aquarium Trousers goodness on Melbourne's 'Research' label via this fine, fine 7".

Always a pleasure to see what Tapes is up to, from Superstar & Star collabos, to sunny riddims on EM Records, Medieval Ditties or Raga-drones on Good Morning Tapes... And this time it's no less rewarding and, just... nice.

Sauna Research on the A side of the disc, lets some real splashy slow-funk unfold in a H20-fuelled, cloud-surfing kind of way, with sweet harmonies basking in analogue warmth. Look out for very fluid work on those synth notes, subtly arpeggiating into new realms.

Flip it, and it's like the sonic equivalent of Donkey Kong's underwater worlds, finding bananas and treasure coves in coral reefs and aquatic tunnels.
Put on your goggles, stick on the headphones, and let the swoon unfold.

....Life is alright really.


Sauna Research

Aquarium Trousers