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Sex Tags Amfibia

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Vera and Psykovarius's Return Trip II Sex Tags Amfibia.

Expanding on 2017's already-expansive 'UDU' and a couple of 12s vs. Sottofett (WANIA9107 being one of our fav 1-2 punches in whole Fett-verse), AVAV is is a further exploration of astral contemplatia and shimmering celestrialism.

For our money it's all about the first & last tracks; 'AVA' opening up with purest Popol Vuh organ-drone grandiosity, then bookended by closer 'AVAV VALGUS', sounding like the Horn of Abraxas reverberating througout the entire galaxial void.

The rest of the LP is just as affective too, if yr a keener for the likes of Laurie Spiegel, Roberto Musci and the blessed/blissed pioneers of OLD AGE.
This is what wet Tangerine Dreams sound like...

Served in tight sleeve design - greyscale done proper. 

Straight from source, to your turntable - these are the last few tickets for this trip.

Side 1
1. "Ava" (6:10)
2. "Avastus" (5:33)
3. "Aed" (4:59)
Side 2
1. "Leida" (8:14)
2. "Soov" (7:45)
3. "Avav Valgus" (2:57)




Avav Valgus