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Mixman - The Early Dub Tapes

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Absolute essential in the Mixman / Blakamix collection, original cassette versions from 1994.

This one came in a big box which we got from Mixman at Blakamix HQ up in Bedford, along with a load of quality original wax & cassette from over the years, ever since Blakamix officially began operating in 1986, and it's up there with one of the best, most crucial documents of Mixman dubs.
These were originally recorded 'in the early years of the Blakamix studio' between 1986 - 1990, with some of the vocal cuts found across releases from those years, such as 'Dancehall Thriller'. A few years later, in 1994, these reel to reels were 'dub doctored' and collected as this 'The Early Dub Tapes' compilation on wax (long sold out), and also on cassette (last few copies here!).

These dubs are some of the most raw and probably some of the most spiritual and deep sounding Mixman dubs. Proper dubwise, meditative and heavy-hitting steppers and stripped back dancehall cuts in UK Dub style, dubbed by Mixman in very fine style - ruff & ready!

Seriously, I know we've been saying this about pretty much every one of these Blakamix releases that we've had our hands on, but this one really is a crucial piece of UK dub history - and it's a bit of a treat to have this on cassette too, and quite fitting seen as these would've been recorded onto reel to reel cassette back in those days too (I mean, look at the cover art...).

This one is a big must!

A1 Mandella Free Dub
A2 Cross The Border
A3 Special Dub
A4 World A Dub On Ya
B1 Touch The Dub
B2 Dub In De Ring
B3 Gun Man Dub
B4 Killa Dub

Alltracks composed and arranged
by Dennis''mixman'' Bedeau
Produced by ''Mixman''
Recorded and mixed at blakamix studios U.K.

This album consists of unreleased Dubs
recorded between 1986-90 at the early
Blakamix Studios.
Blakamix have re-opened the tape vaults
and let Mixman loose to revamp and revitalise
and give the Dub Doctor treatment to these
early Dub tapes.

Mandela Free Dub

Touch The Dub

Special Dub

World A Dub On Ya