• Giant Swan - Fantasy Food
  • Giant Swan - Fantasy Food

Giant Swan - Fantasy Food


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Giant Swan unleash a new slew of dancefloor bangers on their KECK imprint, which kicked off in recent time, and counts a killer album and a couple crucial singles into it's stable already.
On this 12" we find five twisted trax from Bristol's Harry Wright and Robin Stewart, the talented duo / best friends known as Giant Swan.
Sonically, it picks up the pieces that were left in the wake of their 'Do Not Be Afraid Of Tenderness' release, and injects extra psychedelia with razor sharp vocal chops and mangled modular melodies, which swarm around fully pumping kicks and sub bass aimed right at your gut, and then upwards to your heart.
There's no escaping the unstoppable energy of Giant Swan, so you may as well submit yourself to it, stop being a square and just have fun, right? 

From the tumultous reverse/fwd gallop of Sugar & Air, through the thumping alien world of Abacuses, and into the unexpected, yet highly nutritious main course, served up as the final dish on the A Side 'Fantasy Food' - Giant Swan manage to meld danceability and sonic intrigue to the perfect degree.

Flipside, Giant Swan show off (aka boast) some of the most perfectly filtered, fast-paced funk heard in some time. This one comes on like a swarm. Kick drums just about guiding the way through a dizzying synthline and pitch-sliding tones, moving around your synapses and becoming part of your psyche for the duration. Proper shoulder roller, this one.
Then, last but definitely not least, we get RRR+1 to finish off this loud & proud slab. Pushing things into a hyperspeed inducing dance frenzy, with a time-ticking type rhythm and a kinda-sexy, fully-hallucinogenic vocal chop counting on each of your bones & muscles to move with it. 

What a beauty this record is!
Don't be afraid (of Fantasy Food).

Top, top artwork by Harry Wright.
Mastered and cut by Beau Thomas.

Edition of 500.

Comes with direct download when you purchase the 12" from us.


Sugar & Air




Fantasy Food