• ML - Life Always Breaks Your Heart
  • ML - Life Always Breaks Your Heart

ML - Life Always Breaks Your Heart

Accidental Meetings

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Latest transmission via our friends at Accidental Meetings, presenting a new piece from our Berlin-based friend ML - Two freewheeling sonic collages spanning an hour total - As you'd expect, clips won't really do this one justice, but a proper deep dive will -

Pro dubbed cassette wrapped in handsome artwork from Ciaran Birch. Includes DL Code as well.

This proper trip which is summed up in typically fine style by our good friend and office resident, Miles Bokeh Versions... 

"Hallucinated Brazilian poetry read by text to voice engines, supernatural thrillers ripped from Youtube, the clang of cutlery and distant canteen conversation, that noise wire fencing makes when you rake it with a stick, crickets chirping over odd dance emotions, a sample you think your recognise but can’t name…..

The trivial is cosmically important, the cosmically important is trivial. ‘It’s about the product’ - all of life’s a sample. You contain universes.

Alice in Wonderland, late night sessions with kosmische guitar legends, ethnographic chants from an unknown land, “There’s no monopoly of knowledge / there’s no monopoly of power”: forecasts from global political trends, China will be important they say, someone’s whistling a tune that doesn’t exist, I’m thinking of times long before I was born . . .

Growing naturally like a beautiful montage from his field recordings (a rich library of personal psychoacoustic details) and his 150 Session on NTS, ML's Life Always Breaks Your Heart is mixtape-concrète:

Gamelan of the soul, Bio-Curry-Wurst in Kreuzberg, zither overlays the booms of the squatter’s homegrade grenades…

Mark Leckey vs. Alvin Curran, Gustav Flaubert vs Cabaret Voltaire, free association flashbacks with the timestamps mixed up, with added bass guitar, OP-1, Ableton, distinguishing the ‘real’ instruments becomes unimportant….they’re absorbed by memory foam….

No country, no flag – outernational without a cause!

There is no purpose, there is only reverie."




Sooner (Clip)


Later (Clip)