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Salac - Buried


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The final nail in Salac's coffin is now hammered into place.
'Buried' is their third and final album, and its afterlife is presented here in the form of this cassette
... Dare you open it? 

Max (aka Kelan) and Clio (aka Mama Matrix, Princess Difficult) have forged a unique, and very deadly potion of industrial noir here... With this new concoction entitled 'Buried', they tread in the embers of Sacred Movements and Illicit Rituals, their first two outings on ATC and Plaque, and stir it up, re-igniting the fire... Yet more ferociously this time.
Whereas on Illicit Rituals the sense of time drifted at its own pace, here on 'Buried' the urgency is felt with extra impact. Overdriven kick drums and self-oscillating distortion dance around their own axis, careless of any noise made, despite the chance of satan himself being woken up from his slumber...

Swaying over a constantly shifting vortex of bruised drums and darkened atmosphere, Clio and Max cast spells and spit fury through their vocal chords, adding a feeling of mystery and immediacy to the sense of simultaneous sizzling heat, and freezing cold.

Their music and lyrics take influence from their gaelic ancestry and the rich history of Ireland, including all its dark magic…. But at the same time, they manage to communicate a sense of modern technological angst and frustration at the hypernormalisation of this world. A loud, ferocious invite to step out of this sad reality, and transcend into a world that is more supernatural, a world where neutrality, mundaneity and conformity are not an option.

Buried begins with a knock on the gates of hell, but by the end of it, we are deep inside the chamber of pain. Finally released from our fears, embracing them instead, we are now Buried, and contempt.

Music by Clíona Ní Laoi & Max Kelan Pearce.
Mastered by Benjamin Tregaskes (aka Lurka) at Raw Audio.

Edition of 50 cassettes.
Red/Black shells, with white 'Salac' onbody print.
Printed inlays.
Distributed by us here at RWDFWD.



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