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Nice to see Saki aka Saskia land on Accidental Meetings, with her debut release, no less >>

Saskia has been soaking up the fumes in Bristol the last couple years, coming all the way from Tokyo and making waves on local station Noods Radio (and down at Mickey Zoggs of course).
It makes perfect sense to see her appear on AM now - a label with roots here in town, and which is doing a great job at presenting 'what's up' locally, as well as internationally.

Mysteriously titled 'es' (german for 'it' perhaps?... probably not!) - the album moves in suitably stealthy ways, kicking off with the near subliminal, hollowed out drone of 'kurio' which fizzes with static and drifts weightlessly, through lithe sound tunnels of endless decay, leading us into a network of restrained dread, and angst - but somehow managing to create a sense of warmth amidst all the intensity. We're on edge, but we're not looking for the exit either, whilst listening to this. It's a curious listen... Again, not sure if the title 'kurio' has anything to do with that, or if it's just our language skills leading us to think that.

Listening to the album, injected into our synapses via our earholes, we're led down into a watery clockwork of modulated signal paths and binaural frequencies... 
The ambience reflects a sense of calm as well, and the sparse arrangements could perhaps lead one to believe it is an ambient album, but we'd wager that there is more to it thatn just something to drift off too. There are interjections of abrupt dynamics and glitches in the (sound) matrix that keep us on our toes, and add excitement to a constantly shifting world of sound.

By the time we've reached the mid section of the album 'Awai' we're rolling around a dizzying vocal pitch magic twirl, with hi-tek sound design. This one conjures up busy scenes in our heads, guided by a tripped out sense of repetition and forward momentum.

A darker edge comes out of the mist as we proceed with near last track 'Tack' shooting out kick drums in a high-tension digital heartbeat style.
Android life, viewed from the inside perhaps?

The final cut 'Strange Land' and it's dizzying atmosphere must surely be referencing the back room of (local club) Strange Brew, when the smoke machine is on full charge and your mind is a bit too far gone to comprehend where we actually are.
Then again, as we drift into the mist, we hear some distant seagulls - which is the true 'Bristol sound' believe it or not. Then again, we don't usually hear them inside the Brew, unless you really partied hard that night. 
Nah, in all seriousness - this track serves 'the end' perfectly, in the sense that it feels like we're peeling ourselves off into various parts, shredding our way out of the beautiful mangle of sound we've trodden through already. Listening to it on full volume feels like simultaneously ascending and descending into (un)known worlds, but totally lost in the fog... We're kind of shook and unsure, but we don't want to leave either, it's exciting.

Limited edition tape.
Printed onbody, and printed inlays.
Artwork & Design by Ciaran Birch.








Strange Land