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Supernatural Onslaught - Koehler

Simboli Sacri

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Koehler presents Supernatural Onslaught -

Suddenly caught off guard and surrounded on all sides by seething beauty intermingling with subliminal horror, the uncertain grasp on reality finally has to be contended with, in order to outmanoeuvre the manifest mysteries made visible, all at once, to you and you alone.

The Sun begins to melt the Horizon as unfamiliar creatures are first heard and then seen, camouflaged against a newly foreign landscape. A hitherto hidden path, leads to a crumbling ruin, that try as one might, cannot be traced back.

As Dusk descends, the desperation mounts as the Moon prepares the Air for the Thunder to shake the very flashing of the Lightning, and the Wind and Rain prepare their lashes.

At this truly unexpected hour, only the outcome is uncertain........

Full tracklist

2.Destroying Angel
3.Melencolia X
4.Rotating Rupees (reprise)
5.Transcendental Argument
6.Saturniid Cycle
7.Ultimate Revelation
8.Escape Theme


Supernatural Onslaught

Destroying Angel

Melencolia X

Rotating Rupees [Reprise]