• Susu Laroche - Closer To The Thing That Fled
  • Susu Laroche - Closer To The Thing That Fled

Susu Laroche - Closer To The Thing That Fled

Accidental Meetings

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A special something, fresh thru the doors of RWDFWD and here for you all to indulge in >>

New offerings via the house of Accidental Meetings, getting 'Closer To The Thing That Fled' with Susu Laroche's greatly immersive, moody and low-slung / dubwise dabke piece, subtly leaning into an extra urgent take on dream/nightmare pop.
Presented to us on a cassette including DL.

CHECK here for the cassette & DL bundle with an additional 24 page book 'showcasing lyrics, thoughts, scribbles, drawings, photographs by Susu Laroche" with design by Accidental Meetings go-to graphic designer Ciaran Birch, for extra visual context.

It's a deep, dark and dangerous one this. But within the underlying current of dirt and angst, there is a shimmering kind of sense of beauty and weightlessness in the stretched and effected vocals, anchored only by the thudding drum beats and sharp percussive rhythms, keeping a sense of guidance and balance, whilst being led into a path deep down below. We sense the underbelly of club music, and a kind of electronic, tribalistic, occult neo-folk type vibe
- timeless, yet primed for the modern age. In terms of sound, this one plays out somewhere 6 foot below basement (or club) level, essentially leading us to a more spiritual, borderless, non-material, unknown kind of place. 

"mostly inspired by Ursula L Guins Earthsea, follows the narrative of a shadow/gebbeth stalking oneself and trying to overpower the phases of one submitting to & resisting it. Susu's voice demonstrates the gebbeth, using her voice as an instrument, representing it in various proximities but also at times it represents the soul in various states responding to the gebbeth. The backing and verse then operate as a call and response between the gebbeth and the soul. Many lyrics are inspired and formed from a Persian book of poetry and the cut-up technique style within it. Her trademark dark & harrowing sound is prominent throughout, taking influence from dabke rhythms."

Killer stuff.
Press play, turn up the sound, and join the drift. 


High-bias tape with full AW + on-body printing.
Design by Ciaran Birch.

1. cadence cries
2. washing touch off 
3. the gebbeths way 
4. closer to the thing that fled 
5. find out 
6. heaven
7. its only you that you walk with

washing touch off

the gebbeths way

closer to the thing that fled

find out


its only you that you walk with