• Wolf Eyes & Model Home - More Difficult Messages
  • Wolf Eyes & Model Home - More Difficult Messages

Wolf Eyes & Model Home - More Difficult Messages


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The one DISCIPLES label (shouts to M everytime) come up with new tricks from via their artist-crew, bringing together two true forces of true experimentalism, under one hood, via this remix piece, assigning DC's maverick duo Model Home to acces the 'Difficult Messages' archive of Wolf Eyes latest & greatest, just to witness Model Home go do total badness to it.

I mean, just check the Model Home version of 'Stare Case Vocal' -
Addictive (synth?) bassline murkery and beautifully overdriven drums work like ebb & flow on this one, with MH's MC riding gristlelized waves that will make your eyes dilute and your ears vibrate - in a very good way.
That track is really fucking special, but thankfully (in 'bang for your buck' terms) there is a whole lot more on offer too,  whole album is great and, as you'd expect, fearlessly original and eye (ear?) opening through and through.

Perfectly mad, perfectly 'this world' music for yer brainnnnnn and bodddyyyyyy.

"Wolf Eyes and model home have achieved terrific and prolific abstractions in their respective spheres of improvised noise and experimental hip hop. Together they morph into total freeform, colliding and multiplying their equally intoxicating practices into a collaborative tape of remixes. After Wolf Eyes’ Difficult Messages compilation released on Disciples earlier in the year, the band provided extra tracks with instructions to tear them up completely, and model home have diligently delivered."

"More Difficult Messages whirs to life on the ‘Time Designer’ edit with corroded snaps of drum machine beats and NAPPYNAPPA’s wobbling, rhythmic vocals. Together with Pat Cain, they “expand the frequency” of Wolf Eyes’ already contorted tracks. Syllables splash against cold geysers of noise, occasionally intelligible while the lines “the pressure’s on me, the pattern’s complete” seem to shift into abstraction as they get repeated. The instrumental versions included on the flipside meanwhile reveal Wolf Eyes’ original vocals and performances skulking underneath.

A train whistle signals pixelated crushes on ‘U Eye Trio’, with Wolf Eyes’ custom saxophonic instruments transformed into groaning and grinding metal. Floor toms from Dolo Percussion / Max D march alongside muffled and twisting raps, spliced into the industrial soundscape. Percussion rattles urgently through ‘Stare Case’ with buzzing twangs and dissected vocal clips, while ‘Invisible Thread’ lays heavy on feedback, bass resonance, and bursts of turbulence like an airplane taking off. A constant pluck guides the listener in a journey through the distorted scrubbing of the radio dial."


Original recordings made by Nate Young, John Olson, Alex Moskos and Gretchen Gonzales.
Overdubs, vocals and re-versioning by Patrick Cain and NAPPYNAPPA (model home).
Additional percussion on A2 by Max D.
Originally available as a limited tour CD, May 2023.
Artwork by Wolf Eyes and model home.