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Before West Brabazon There Was ... The Very Best Of Operation Egodeath


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"Before West Brabazon There Was... The Very Best Of Operation Egodeath."

If this is what Best Of's sound like on Ceramics, then NOW! that's what I call a best of.

Indeed, it's the truth, as told by recent Avon Terror Corps implosion frequently known as Narcissist Holocaust, and now known as Operation Egodeath.
An informed ear might give you clues to the hands and ears that navigate this brilliant cacophony, if you listen to the splurges of drums and the emergency of vocals from 6 feet below and three foot to the side, in each earhole, re-telling legends and finding truth in the twist.
The music of Operation Egodeath moves like a thick cloud of rainbow coloured smog filling a room in a building you can't even remember being in, but now you're there.
Voices creep in from the gutter and out of megaphones, and bounce through the walls and hallways of crushed rhythm, dizzying reverberations through inverted echo chambers, the reflections only interrupted once those trashcan snares rattle above like cyborgs in the medieval sky.

As the good people at Ceramics say:

"A time when the streets are being pumped full of electric scooters, West Brabazon is under construction, Castlemead no longer sits alone in the city centre skyline, the scriptures are being broadcast in Latin for the first time since 1648 and the Celtic gold that belongs to the city still has not been returned...

This is the world Operation Egodeath inhabits. Here collected for the very first time, are their greatest hymns, bastard church industrial for pantheist times, scraps of Northern Earth read into kaoss pads off Cabot Circus napkins. Cabot Circus 'Where More Happens' - you really believe that shit? Press play, drop out, lute up. End yerself."

A real f* u to convention and a yes please to DIY, 'The Very Best Of...' by Operation Egodeath deals direct and comes correct.
There's the warning signals of the opener with Dali De Saint Paul on vocals, reminding of that truly convincing type of menace she whips up with Harrga, before melting it slowly in a hot pot of plucked song and skewed melody in a hushed duet with one of the voices of the Operation. Then there's the timewarping, woozy crush of 'Eternal' and the aptly titled, goth-steppin' I Luv U But I Choose Dankness, which leads us into some of the best shit we've heard in f*cking ages (and that's not to say the first few tracks weren't already some of the best) with 'Flesh Doubts, Wood Knows'...
That track gives us strong TG vibes, spewing out the kind of restless energy of one of the live performances of Discipline, but coming with a gnarly home recorded hardcore EBM punk sound a la British Murder Boys, no fucks given.

The embers continue to light up with EndYerself, the timestrech ballad to end all time, kicking up a slow storm of equal measures slomotion insanity, disharmonic beauty and utter destruction, all laced with some of the most deadly amounts of space in between each motion of vocals, f*ckd flanger fx and bass foghorn.
Later on, we're taken into all kinds of extra worlds and as we ruminate sonically from under Avon, but right now - if you're reading & listening in sync with these words, which you're probably not, but what can we do?! - you are half way through the album and your head will have already melted, maybe even mutated.
When you say 'mindblowing' we say this.
We'll leave it here.
Operation Egodeath meant business when they say they only give you the best.

Duplicated at West Kennet Long Tapes here in Bristol, "Recorded onto the A side of pre-used c90s from a job-lot of 70s-90s regional church sermons and religious conventions. Titles include "Billy Roberts (of The Thought Workshop Liverpool) 'New Aspects of Basic Mediumship, Uncle Herbert's Funeral and "I Am with the Adulteress, Sandra Quinlan at Cloverly Hall" etc etc. Side B left with original audio for your edification."

Limited edition in re-serviced style, each one unique.
comes with Dl code.

1. This Message Was Deleted ft. Dali de St Paul 02:24
2. Eternal 03:24
3. I Luv U But I've Chose Dankness 04:24
4. One One Calling Number (live) 06:00
5. Flesh Doubts, Wood Knows 03:08
6. End Yrself (live) 04:32
7. Temple Knoll 04:28
8. Annihilated Friend Request (live) 04:32
9. Londons Burning (West Country Smoke) 02:25
10. Yatan Demonic (live) 04:18

Flesh Doubts, Wood Knows

This Message Was Deleted ft. Dali de St Paul

End Yrself

I Luv U But I've Chose Dankness