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Burbank - Botanical Clipboard


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Big dawg Kinlaw and his Ceramics crew work up the next shell, with Burbank at the controls -

Next level things from bossman Burbank, coming with a no compromise mangled & dangled exercise in the balance of electronic sheen, analogue muck, and real-life-estranged sounds.

Botanical Clipbard is hard knox experimental business, like PC music for those who like it passed through the dark web first.
It's an unfolding collage of counterweight rhythm, up-top melody and moody AF bassline that sounds like it's being cut & bruised with each note it flings at your rib, with the A Side ending in a guitar hero vs zomby spliff dub style dubplate VIP excursion that expands into brighter, f*cked up arpeggio type scenarios for the flipside. This is for those who like their music timewarped and coded for future generations!

Serious gear!

Edition of 100.

The Power And Movement In Plants