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Superb ferric business from London's Mhah Mos on Bristol's very-own Ceramics imprint -

"Just off Union Street, SE1, the old Blackwing Recording Studio, home of an infamous 80's snare sound has been left empty and crumbling for 10 years. This is where Mhah Mos now reside and where this fogged out tape debut has manifested."

loot/gov sets off submerged drums and bruk-up rhythms on the first side, not far away from the sounds of O$VMV$M or perhaps some of Drae Da Skimask's hazier productions, letting the skewed vocals sway over eski synthlines and a sound palette reminiscent of 80's B Movies that urges the ear deep into the plethora of layers, seamlessly diving through the 10mins of side A with no track of time or place. Really involving stuff, almost too short, but it's nice and concise.

'gov' on the flip raises the alarm signals a little, with a pacing acid splurge and industrial strength snares that crush through the foundations with each hit, a proper whirlwind counteraction to the crunked up A side...

A great juxtaposition of mood and tempo, loot/gov really describes that feeling of contempt complacency and riotous unrest very well.

C20, comes with DL code.

loot (clip)

gov (clip)