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King H dropped this box of tapes round our HQ last weekend - the latest drop on the always-fvcking-excellent Ceramics label - loaded with 11 pieces of fully tear-jerking, highly emotionally charged melodic synth drifters from another combined friend of ours - not sure we're supposed to name the o.g. alias but if you're a follower of RWDFWD stuff, you would've come across other musical (maybe even visual) works from No Vacancy's shadow puppet master.

Read on:

"Self titled debut from this new alias of a dear artist whose connections to Ceramics come a long way. Considering the haze that permeates this release, there's not much need for revelations. You may find them in due time. A beatless, mesmerizing tide of harmonic suspension, somber electronics encapsulating veiled traces of reality and echoing rumbles of melody. Not really drone, much less ambient for all its architectural unease and underlying tension, there's still this hazy, horizontal approach related to such excursions, from a dank basement filled with memories POV, all hissing currents and half-remembered lives. Still, very upfront and crude at its most essential, sidestepping glossy sound design for real, lo to mid-fi escapism. We got here. No Vacancy, indeed."

Seriously good, this.
Don't sleep (or if you do, make sure this one plays in good company with your dreams).

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Art by Thilo Jenssen
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