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Obsidian Teeth - Pius Rubus


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<< Limited reissue with new artwork - one handful of copies in stock >>

Ye olde faithful Ceramics are back with a time-traversing stormer of a release from Obsidian Teeth, served up with extra fine attention to detail and heaps of applied DIY, resulting in an extremely limited collectors edition - a very special item, we dare say.

The 5th release on the label, this full-length thoroughly impresses with a very unique set of productions that are more cutting-edge than a newly forged sword, taking in a whole host of styles from goth, grime, dub, through to post-medieval avant-garde and experimental sonics, all merged outlandishly.

'Composed in a studio inside a gated industrial estate in the depths of Bristol, Pius Rubus explores the esoteric sonics of the mystics. 16th century motifs surrounded by metallic crashes of the future, of a priest out of touch with his doctrine and his escape from piety. With a tip to “Test Dept’s Goddodin” as much as some gruelling orcish club.

Consisting of an array of home built apparatus, from large scale monochords, to a variety of adapted non-biodegradable wind instruments, the scene is set.

A truly masterful mash-up of ancient and modern/future, with nods to nearly everyone who ever existed.'

Heavyweight angular sonics and sharp-edged rhythms for all keen-eared purveyors -
a very strong piece of output, to say the very least!

1. The Throat's Empty Gaze
2. Tubular Body
3. Dust
4. Arabic Tubes
5. Mud
6. Goat
7. Monochord Dub
8. Solenoid Terror
9. Funnel

Arabic Tubes



Solenoid Terror