• London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984 - 1993, Vol. 1

London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984 - 1993, Vol. 1

Death Is Not The End

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Much needed vinyl edish of this - Same as the cassette, except it's on vinyl... One for the collection for sure.


Another wicked pirate radio archive excursion from Death Is Not The End, following up that Bristol Pirates tape (still a few copies ‘ere, mind!) with this ‘London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984-1993’ cassette.

As the name suggests, this one is filled with heaps of DIY adverts for raves and local biz, and other community matters, transmitted on illegal Pirate Radio waves around London in between ’83 – ’93.
For those of us lucky enough to tune in to a bit of Pirate radio here and there, you’ll probably agree that these types of adverts always brought much joy – a refreshingly human, less corporate take on normal commercials, often served with a weird kind of spice and humour that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else – a very specific vibe, and a way of reaching out to the public, to a more underground / working class listenership, a specific type of local radio community that is pretty much redundant now, sadly.

From dancehall nights, to hardcore & acid house raves, radio jingles, fresh DJ service for any kind of function, shop fittings with bollywood soundtracks, roller skating boogie sessions, and muuuch more – nicely snipped together in a continuous flash of about 40 different ads.

Wicked vibes on this – a proper piece of London social archeology, o.g pirate radio style and just a good spirit lifter – you’ll be desperately calling up all these hotlines trying to buy tickets to raves that you missed.


1. Intro (Do You Remember?)01:57
2. Videobox00:34
3. Pirates Night Out00:46
4. Ravers Dateline01:04
5. Walls of Babylon01:05
6. Absolute Class00:05
7. Limelight00:42
8. Freestyle00:53
9. Funky Power00:08
10. Functioning Neatly00:50
11. Greek Salon01:13
12. School Reunion00:45
13. Under 18s Disco00:52
14. A1 Sound00:13
15. Summertime '9001:00
16. Back to Back Mixtapes01:03
17. Rare Groove Champagne Party01:00
18. Savage Affair01:08
19. Are You Sure?00:40
20. Ladies Sunday Night Affair00:57
21. Hello Ladies00:30
22. British Flag00:19
23. Any Kind of Function00:15
24. Trade Equip01:01
25. I'll Buy You a Beer00:43
26. Lex's Birthday00:33
27. Yeah Amigo00:24
28. Next to Tescos01:17
29. City of Joy01:02
30. Amsterdam02:31
31. Roller Skating00:13
32. Too Radical00:12
33. Escape '9301:43
34. Corporation of New Generation00:45
35. Jookie Jam00:44
36. Revival Showcase00:50
37. Until Further Notice00:47
38. High Fashion00:31
39. Damn Best Night Out00:34
40. Lepke Sent You

Intro (Do You Remember?)

Ravers Dateline

Savage Affair

Summertime '90