• Shackleton - The Majestic Yes

Shackleton - The Majestic Yes

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Highest grade Shackleton gear recorded in Dakar, probably in the lead up to the recent Doudou Ndiaye Rose Family 'Twenty One Sabar Rhythms' release on Honest Jons. This 12" sees the two worlds melding across three tripped out Shackleton vs sabar drum rhythm explorations with a dangerous version from Mark Ernestus for added dubwise measure. This one's a proper trip, trust.

From the Skull Disco days that peppered the early sounds of the dubstep & techno crossover in 00's with something that always felt in its own league, through a diverse range of collaborative and solo pieces over the years... As noted in the text for this record from HJ, Shackleton's music always has this feeling of a kind of twisted vision of 'ancient future'. The sound morphs and re-invents itself rhythmically and sonically each time, trance-inducing drum circle styles (no hippie shit though) meld in a pot of haunted bass and mind-bending frequencies. The signifiers of existing sound palettes, rhythms and moods end up in a utterly unique and kaleidoscopic final form  - no one quite does it like Shackleton basically.

This 'The Majestic Yes' is prime Shack, with a twist. Focused, hypnotic, yet deadly. Dub Massacre in a Sabar style basically.

Here's the official info from HJ, just in case you haven't hit that button yet:

"Taking off from Beaugars Seck’s foundational sabar drum rhythms — recorded by Sam in Dakar in February 2020 — Shackleton has constructed a trio of intricately layered, luminous, enchanted, epic excursions. The second is more dazzled and meandering, with jellied bass, insectile detail, and discombobulated jabbering; the third is more liquid, fleet of foot, and psychedelic, with a grooving b-line and funky keyboard stabs, scrambled eastern strings and hypnotic vocalese.
The harmonium in The Overwhelming Yes sounds like Nico blowing in chillily from up the desert shore.
The overall mood is wondrous, twinkling with light, onwards-and-upwards; an uncanny, dubwise mix of the ancient and the futuristic.
Mark Ernestus’ Version is stripped, trepidatious, mystical, and stranger still, with just a snatch of the original melody, extra distortion and delay, and crystal-clear drum sound.

Twenty minutes of startlingly original music, with Shackleton the maestro at the top of his game, and a characteristically evilous dub by Mark Ernestus. Mastered by Rashad Becker; handsomely sleeved.
Sick to the nth. Love 4 Ever."

Deadly. Don't sleep.

The Majestic Yes

The Overwhelming Yes

The Stick And Twist Mood

The Overwhelming Yes Dub (Mark Ernestus Version