• The Revolutionaries - Channel One Disco Purpose

The Revolutionaries - Channel One Disco Purpose

Well Charge

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Killer late 70s style roots rockers music from one of the tuffest bands out of Jamaica - the original Channel One house band, The Revolutionaries.
Featuring all sorts of star players, from Sly & Robbie to Scully, Tommy McCook, Ansel Collins.

If we're not mistaken (need to dig it out and listen back), we have an older pressing of these tunes on a 12" with the titles 'Toothache' 'Bellyache' etc some years ago, and we always cherished this record for it's heavy-impact roots sound.

Here on this disc we got Addis Ababa, Marcus Version, Social Development Version, and One Brother Short Version. Four tunes on a 12", each one cut loud and heavy, ready to uplift in fine style as soon as you drop the needle.

Here on this Channel One / Archive related Well Charge reissue, the track titles are themed differently, but strong track names still remain, and the music sounds top-a-top all the while.

Essential roots rock reggae business from some of the greatest to ever do it.

Served in a tasty Well Charge sleeve design, pressed up on 12".


Addis Ababa Version


Marcus Version


Social Development Version


One Brother Short Version