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Visio - Privacy Angels

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We got last copies of this  brain-freezing, time-stretching, emotionally charged frequency twist up from Visio, released via the house of Haunter Records, out of Milan.
Big tip on this one if you love to feel a sense of space in the music, and if you don't mind your emotions getting torn at slow motion, musically speaking. Actually, fuck it - just a big tip if you like great music in general, but you prefer it when you hear a genuine sense of forward thinking exploration within it. Because this is the real deal... There ain't nothing quite like it. But it's not experimental for the sake of experimentation - the end result is highly musical, and actually just very enjoyable... Basically it's weird as hell, but it still contains all the movement and 'fullness', of music in the more traditional sense too...
So yeah, to cut it short: wether you're a freak or not - big tip all round.
"The 'Privacy Angels' dwell in a liminal zone, a folk magical world sprawling within some remote nodes of the digital universe. An a-chronic plane of contradictions in which the spiritual and the machinic exist in a contrast that, instead of leading to mutual annihilation or subjugation, produces weird forms of life and uncanny forms of beauty.

Like flowers sprouting from glitching fluxes of data transmissions, in the corrupted memory of a heavenly landscape. It is the vision of Italian (though London-based) musician and multidisciplinary artist Nicola Tirabasso, channeled through his usual musical avatar VISIO, a dimension he came in contact with while retreating in his native Sibillini Mountains in Marche, central Italy.

A type of forced hermitage dictated by the global pandemic and whose idyllic premises were constantly unbalanced and contaminated by the constant presence of the digital world.

But again, it is by means of this contrast that art is born. While channeling the magic, the fables and even the superstitions the locals have imbued the region with, Tirabasso developed them into audial spirits of electronic abstraction. A juxtaposition of mystic retreat and information-age alienation that, for some brief, ineffable and baffling moments, seemed to make him able to hear the angels.

The album itself is a collection of digitally broken folk songs and logarithmic chants of praise. Acoustic instruments are broken down, replicated and re-materialization, while computer-generated ghosts and synthetic tones are allowed to exist and resonate in ancient spaces. Most of the actual recordings have been in fact made at desecrated XVI church in a town near Montappone, not far from the birth place of XX century painter Osvaldo Licini, whose influence echoes all throughout the region. Licini’s idiosyncratic mix of primitivism, futurism and orphic realism similarly echoes all throughout the record, with VISIO even paying tribute to his painting ‘angelo ribelle’ in titling one of the tracks.
Collaborations made in person and through file-swaps have traversed the album’s conception and enrich its palette by presenting different versions of reality. Haunter co-founder Daniele Guerrini (Heith) co-produced every track with Tirabasso and gave a fundamental contribution to the album’s final form.
Elsewhere, City and Kenichi Iwasa evoke their own privacy angels and let them dance with VISIO’s. Be it, in the depths of the earth or in the dissolution of a digital cloud, it is just as possible to (un)know the divine. "

All tracks written by VISIO.
Produced by Heith and VISIO.
Mixed by Daniele Guerrini.
Mastered by Rupert Clervaux.
Artwork and Design by Nicola Tirabasso.
Sculpture by Joshua Miller.
TR 606 and Bells in Extasi Exile by Heith.
Vocals and Lyrics in Blessed Mysteries by Asmir Lalic.
Guitar by Loris Cericola.
Drums and Percussions in Angelo Ribelle.
by Edoardo Grisogani.
Additional vocal editing by Rocco Rampino.



Extasi Exile

Youth Grows Forever

Untitled X ft. Kenichi Iwasa

Years Of Silence

Angelo Ribelle