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Duppy Gun - Duppy Vaulted T Shirt

Duppy Gun

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Duppy Vaulted 10th Anniversary design screenprinted in black on Earth Positive Classic Jersey T shirts - run of 50

fresh from via the Bristol (Bokeh Versions) sub-station, we have a few of these fine garments coming via the Duppy Gun collective, with M. Geddes aka DJ Velkro and Cameron Stallones of Sun Araw, as well as the whole JA crew around IJahbar and the Roolings Studio celebrating 10 years of sharp-shootin' high grade dancehall bubblers and twistups via Westmoreland / Jamaica and California in the States, and via the BKV connection here in our house -
But it's a worldwide thing really - the music is here for everyone - just press play on your local hi-fi and send out those specially good vybz.
In short: the duppy gun sound is here for you. And this Tshirt will glow extra bright when a Duppy song plays out of the speakers. Trust us.

This Tshirt comes served in extra nice screenprinted style, on a nice quality yellow tee, with a wickedly smart graphic straight from the duppy vaults.

Only 50 of these are about these ways, and they seriously look tip-top -
Summer's not over yet, and even as a winter garm, this'll keep things nicely HOT.