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Kleft + Tolga Baklacioglu - Disguised In Black


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Part of the double-punch K.O. coming via Ceramics (check that Tod Daraku 7" too for the full slap) - cantankerous industrial tekno assault packed onto tape in DIY style!

Here it is, an 11 track workout from 'Kleft' (Domestic Exile/Zone Collective) who also provides vocals and bass for sludge punk duo 'Cartilage' teams up with Turkish Techno legionary 'Tolga Baklacioglu' (VENT) for an entire album of Rave(inside your head) Hardcore Terror and Cyber Hauntology -

The perfect wake up call, just what the DR ordered - high tensity, high volume and high tempo sweat bombs for home dancing & brain-cobweb-ridding
- our time will come soon again, let's not stay out of practice!

Don't be shy, turn it up...

War Ensemble
Escalated Intensity
Blessed Are The Sick
Disguised In Black
Somatic Ritual
Enshrined By Grace
Zombie Ritual


War Ensemble

Blessed are the Sick

Disguised in Black