• Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary - Looking Through Us
  • Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary - Looking Through Us

Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary - Looking Through Us


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Woah, killer combination styles here -
Great to see one of Iran's wildest - Saint Abdullah - link up with Jason Nazary on drums here once more, following up their off-the-hook previous piece for the (truly singular) DISCIPLES label.

This contains the spirit of free jazz, but more unhinged, sonically flexible and free, more punk perhaps. All the cacophony, all the freedom, all the unhinged expression.
Saint Abdullah's fearlessly fizzing, tape-saturated vocal hack ups, the glimpses of field recordings in the noise-strafed haze, their unique style of musical intermittence and distillation of moods into wholly abstracted forms, all of the life-force and rawness, comes into perfect, head-spinning rotation here, together with and the tumultuous drum sound of Jason Nazary.

Beautifully free, and anarchist, no-rules music - full respect to the crew involved here!

"An out-of-control free music explosion from the NYC trio: oscillating electronics, Sufi chants, and drums going off like firecrackers inside an empty oil drum.

This is a companion album to Evicted In The Morning (released back in Ferbruary), but whereas that previous collaboration was all “limpid synth explorations and skittery rhythmic accompaniment” (The Guardian) or “like casting light onto crystal” (Electronic Sound), Looking Through Us is the previous sound inverted: senses overloaded as sound is layered upon sound, like someone amplifying multiple arcade machines and staging a soundclash with a mosque. The stellar track titles give some sense of the music that lies within: “Claustrociety”, “Lo-Tech Mystic”, “Dimension Disintegration”. Second track “Amoo Sam” features guest saxophone from Patrick Shiroishi. Arriving accompanied by a tripped-out live performance video (contaning none of the music from either release), this is a total head-shredder from start to finish, the possibilities of where they go next truly endless.

Saint Abdullah consists of Tehran-born brothers Mohammad and Mehdi Mehrabani-Yeganeh, who have been exploring a diverse palette of sounds over their releases to date, including collaborations with Eomac and Model Home. They’ve released music on labels including Other People, Important, Room40 and Planet Mu."

Jason Nazary is a drummer and composer from Atlanta and based in Brooklyn. Fascinated by the intersection of acoustic and electronic music, Jason has been a force in New York's creative music scene for over a decade. As well as his own solo work he also co-leads a number of ensembles, among them the dystopian electro noise duo Clebs with singer Emilie Weibel, and until recently Anteloper (International Anthem), an improvising modular beat shredding duo with the much-missed Jaimie Branch.

served on tape - you know this'll sound fkn great in that tape deck, the sweetest harmony of overdrive and musical over-saturation.

Produced by Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary
Recorded in the fall of 2021 over 2 sessions in Flatbush, BK
Overdubs on track 2 recorded in Los Angeles
Mastered by Stefan Betke at Scape
Paintings by Parham Ghalamdar
Layout by Studio Tape-Echo.