• Finn - Everything Is Alright

Finn - Everything Is Alright

2 Be Real

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Absolutely - 100% great - nice track album of utterly addictive, hella-vibey (Manchester) house-inspired dance music from MCR's very own Finn - originally out on (much celebrated) cassette via 2 B Real, now dished up, DIY style, on good old wax for everybody to spin>>

Regular checkers of RWDFWD will have noticed that we don't stock a whole load of house music - sadly, as we do love a lot of it, especially the o.g. stuff, and those bits that tap into that spirit - such as this one. But sometimes a record appears that is so infectious, it's really just hard to say 'no' to it, even if some of you'se might not be ready for it.... And yep, this is one of these.

On 'Everything Is Alright' Finn shows an honest playful attitude with this music, one which can often go astray in our world of imposters and po-faced producers - not that we're against a bit of theatrical stuff in art too - but it's also nice to be faced with something as no fuss, and honest as this record here. I mean, even the artwork kind of clarifies the stance here, to some extent. Finn is just being himself here - cooking up some real melodic, uplifting house music, with a heavy dose of late early 90s happy hardcore and the carefree, ecstasy-laden spirit of Manchester dance music from around that time. Maybe a bit of more recent UKG todd-the-god type vibes too, and to our ears, a bit of a Satoichi Terada kind of sweetness in the mix too.

Basically - we dare you to not touch your chin when listening to this... And instead, just pump the volume, enjoy this collection of bangers, and, you know... stretch out a bit. Everything Will Be Alright.

9 track LP in printed sleeve, sent to us directly by Finn, for further distribution to hungry ears such as yours.


A1. Everything Is Alright

A2. A.Y.O.Y.O

I Don't Know

A4. Ere U R

A5. Olright

B1. Things Things Things

B2. Big Raver

B3. Never Leave

B4. Forever Blue