• Gent1e $oul - Shoals
  • Gent1e $oul - Shoals
  • Gent1e $oul - Shoals

Gent1e $oul - Shoals

Fast Castle

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The 7th turn on Fast Castle is here, with Gen1le $oul in control once again, packing five bouncy, dubsteppin' club rhythms into the inventory, pressed to wax and contained inside a wicked sleeve design from 200kilo.

Expanding on a fast-growing discography of versatile club infusionz, Gent1e $oul goes deep medi into eerie UKG spheres and rhythm workouts on Shoals. Primed and timed for the mix on the 1s and 2s, with the dancers in mind, with a special twist of AOE.
Served up on a high quality record, in a tasty sleeve - for a decent price. Can't argue with that!

The label puts it best, and they got the full intel on the production process:
“Dark Age” provides an aggressive opening, immediately applying pressure with nasty bass wobbles, dembow echoes and a 4x4 switch that might catch distracted players off guard. Tried and tested in many settings, this is an essential option for the incoming dancefloor rush!

With its heavy neo-stepper energy, ”Bad Neighbor” lays siege to dancefloor resistance with a piercing lead, breathing drums and powerful waves of sub wubs. Just like the AoE2’s legendary trebuchet of the same name, “Bad Neighbor” – paired with the right Soundsystem – will make the walls shake.

“Dusty Acer” is a homage to Gent1e $oul’s dear but aging AoE2 gaming machine, capable of producing similar noises to this dark UKG cuts’ central bassline. 

Deep dubstep cut “Illumination” takes us to the  for a wholesome mana refill: Mystic ambiences make you pull down your cowl, before diving into a fully blown sub massage.

The standout self-titled cut “Shoals” concludes the release: A deep-yet-powerful half-stepping perc grower at 160bpm, operating on subdued rhythmic shifts and layers. 

As a special tribute to the AoE2 community, all tunes are flavored with the game's original sound effects. Thanks for keeping us inspired, Nili_Aoe for NAC5 and T90 for HC5!"

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Dark Age

Bad Neighbor

Dusty Acer