• Gent1e $oul - Silk Armor
  • Gent1e $oul - Silk Armor

Gent1e $oul - Silk Armor

Fast Castle

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Fast Castle's v own Gent1e $oul makes assertive, yet unpredictable moves across five deadly steps, brazenly stepping out onto the battlefield, I mean dancefloor, clad with Silk Armor.

Loaded with resonant peaks that form FM type melodics over wooden kick drums and reverbant bass & percussive perculations, Silk Armor is the title track, and it comes with a lot of punch, but it ain't shy of stealth either. Watch your back.

Logistica let's a looser groove pile on a dancehall dembow type rhythm, with ascending ladder melodics worming their way through electrified synthlines and guttural sub. Metallic and sharp like a razor, but undeniably funky, and kinda earthy too.

On Geomagnetic Reversal, Gent1e $oul goes into full future funk mode, with drexciyan synthlines gliding over electro-proof drumz. Deadly tbh.
Old pal and original Fast Castle dweller Cubemod jumps on board for the 4th cut, with an intense, immersive slice of rhythmically fuelled tunnel vision. 

Last, but of course not least - we get invited to a low slung scenario made of watery echoes, fourth world percussive ruminations and loose rhythmix - this one is humid as hell - so if you didn't work up a sweat on those previous cuts yet - then you surely will by the time this one plays.

Big 12" from the Xxcellent Fast Castle operation, which just keeps building and growing stronger with each release right now. Opponents best be alarmed.

Also - once again, killer sleeve art from 200kilo.
And - they kept the price nice, despite ltd edition and a time of rising costs - now that's what I call a kind of dedication which deserves full show of support!


Silk Armor


Geomagnetic Reversal

Recurve Bow

Sober Ears