• Ishan Sound & Blind Prophet - The Labyrinth

Ishan Sound & Blind Prophet - The Labyrinth

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Heavyweight business from steppers mavericks Ishan & Blind Prophet on the one and only ZamZam Sounds - handsome screenprinted sleeve and nice pressing as you'd expect as you'd expect, and only limited copies available!


We love it when family return to ZamZam and number 92 welcomes back Blind Prophet & Ishan Sound in their first cross-pond collab.Begun in 2019 when Joe & Cris met in Portland for the first time, “The Labyrinth” is a phantasmagoric dream of intertwining melodic figures, buoyant mid-range synth work, bright percussion and piping flutes over a driving steppers riddim. Playful, even spritely, but belying a menacing core.Flipping the key and darkening the vibe substantially, “Minotaur Dub” strips out the lighter tones, pulsing and pushing through dark tunnels of reverb and echo, deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of refracting drums and relentless bass, the sound of pursuit, predator and prey. Fusing the spectral with the functional, the mythic with the technological, this release is for deep forest dances and subterranean sessions alike. This one is ruff… and tuff!!"

Heavyweight for sure.

The Labyrinth

Minotaur Dub