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Our dear friend Lurka, who has been 'on this journey' with us since day one, often coming into the our office, I mean 'warehouse', on busy days to help pack and catch a bit of craic, has cooked up something real nice here.
A few moons ago, he sent this RED hot banger over to Ossia (rwdfwd operator alongside Alex 'Studio Tape-Echo' Digard) and asked for a remix, with a release on Lurka's Damage imprint in mind.
Felt like a very natural idea, given the friendship and the longstanding, mutual musical appreciation. The fact that Lurka had delivered a whopper of a remix for Ossia's 'Tumult' on Berceuse Heroique in 2017, made this feel even more like it's part of some kind of 'cycle of life' without getting too faux-spiritual about it on here... But hopefully you understand what we mean - it's all love basically, and this 'music thing' is all about collaboration and working together, in whatever way seems fitting, after all.

There was a time when this was going to be a digi-only release, which didn't really feel right, so we have to be thankful that there are a limited run of records available now too, for all those who want to hear this on wax. Yes, the price is not-so-nice (sadly) but the wax does sound really, really great. Mastered and cut by Pole at Scapemastering in Berlin, proper job basically!
Even better, that we can now check Alex's artwork on a printed centre label, sprawling out of the digital confines of its 3D fvckery, onto a rotating, spinning disc. Makes sense.

"The A-side "Red" is Relentless D-Hall Tek Sound System Pressure - smudged and smeared and clanging and banging." according to the damage text.
We'd agree. Lurka went in for a real wicked stomp with this one, letting smart, stuttery hi-hats stretch and shrink their way around a proper weighty kick-bass boom, which guides the rhythm through some proper mental hi-tek-dub-effexx, a treat for the ears but full of sense of danger at the same time - Lurka style.
This one is infectious as fvck, and all the sounds are full of repeat-listen intrigue, and the rhythm, as always with Lurka gear, ist just spot-on and full of vibes. Play it L O U D.

For the B side, Ossia went into version insanity, remix style. Running the re-worked stems of the original track through an old 80s mixing desk console, with a heap of chained-effects at hand, live-mixed into dub hell - no post production edits, all mixed in one take.
The first version taps into the red and let's the bogle bounce in a battered, bruised kind of way, with extra kick drums adding to the rhythm revolve, interjected by clattering percussion and fader-sliding reverberations.
The next cut goes yet more apocalyptic, letting the old phaser/flanger oscillate through filtered spring reverberations for extra ghost rhythmics, giving new space for hellish echoes that sprawl out of the mix.

Original music by Lurka. Remixes by Ossia. Artwork by Studio Tape-Echo.
Shouts to Milo at Juno for the pressing-up!
Proper teamwork, this one.

Edition of 100.
Mastered by Pole at Scapemastering.
Black paper sleeve, printed centre label designed by Studio Tape-Echo.


Lurka - RED

Lurka - RED (Ossia Remix Version 1)

Lurka - RED (Ossia Remix Version 2)