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Freshness from our friend Marius Neukom aka new.com, all the way in Zurich, forging a channel to Bristol and back with this latest piece in the collection of organic bass music for big speakerboxes and tuned for appreciators of low-end frequency.

This latest run comes in a really ltd edition of 75 copies. 
Yes you heard right - and it's a proper record, cut and mastered as it should be. Ready to vibrate that deck.

Skid Row counts six tracks, variations on grime, techno, early reggae music 'far beyond shiny algorithm optimisation'. Boom.

All fans of early Tempa, and perhaps even a bit of Plasticman (tin this time case - both of them! if you know, you know) and other more malicous dubstep / darkside garage shootoffs such as Search & Destroy or Toasty - we think you'll find something relatable here.

Kicking off in a more angsty dubstep/dub minimalism kind of way (check the A1 and B1 for a nice taste of halfstep abstraction) and then morphing going into more rude and warped bruk-breakbeat vibes -  check the B1: Clodbuster!
Perfectly mad and quite hard to pin down, which we like.

Things really open up and the space is widened in the following pieces - Suttree lets a familiar hornsline echo out over rugged breakbeat reverberations and tunnel vision drones.
Although the sound keeps shifting from track to track, keeping things versatile within the deep, meditative bass-music spectrum, you can always rely on the melodics and ominous sound design to be counteracted and balanced by warm, comforting - ; ) - swathes of bass - speaking of which, creative restriction was applied to the process of bassline making - using a synare / NJD style dub siren to warp the bass into new shapes - Nicely done.

 Last but def not least - the most headsy and deep trippin piece from the series yet perhaps? We love to see it. Loud volume is encouraged for maximum effect.
Place that needle near the centre, and you'll be in for dilated pupil type trip vibes on 'Callico' -
"the record points to the near future by challenging your perception and values. Accordingly, the titles are inspired by the quirky, semi-autobiographical novel “Suttree” (1979), written by the late American Cormac McCarthy."

A great consecution of tracks, served with care and passion as always, but this one might sonically be our fave Comfortnoise 12" yet - it's a nice wormhole to get into if you let it play from start to finish. definitely dig in if you like what you hear in the clips.

Edition of 75.
Properly cut, mastered and pressed. Not a lathe cut dubplate!
You can thank Comfortnoise for the nice price on this.
Keeping it real for all vinyl lovers and supporters out there, who are feeling the financial struggle.

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