• NPLGNN - Hazy Pit / Inna Danza
  • NPLGNN - Hazy Pit / Inna Danza

NPLGNN - Hazy Pit / Inna Danza


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Tuffer than tuff danzehall wreckers from Giovanni Napolano, aka NPLGNN, on the big bad YOUTH label out of MCR -

These have been causing an absolute raucous in raves & dances for some time now - wicked to see them out IRL on this mad mad 7" slice, ready to rotate at 45rpm and make some heads spin at probably twice the Rounds Per Minute. Seriously - we dare you to give it a go at loud volume.

True RWDFWD headz will remember that 12" on Ossia's LAVALAVA label from some years ago - well, we've been itching for more of this, and this one here is loaded up with a similar kind of acidic dancehall poison in that true NPLGNN brukup style, with the Electribe's valves being put to the test - proper ruffneck style grime & jungle tinged dancehall versionz.

On top, we got Hazy Pit, which let's early grime-era orchestral sounds stab through a proper gut punch bogle bass and a mesh of snare fills that come on like a tornado in the dance (sorry: 'danza'). Red alert.
Flip it, and the orchestral stab is replaced with a sonar blip, dub siren style - with a bassline that sounds like waves in a water tank - only a matter of time until the glass breaks and the sharks come flying at ya.

Nah, seriously - do yourself a favour and stick this one in the bag for the next time you want to dust off some cobwebs and get properly rowdy. 
This machine kills fascists.

Stickered centre label, DIY style.
Ltd edition - once it's gone, that'll probs be it. Buy now or cry later.


NPLGNN - Hazy Pit

NPLGNN - Inna Danza