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Comfortnoise Ploy - Dawn / Imago


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Soundsystem addict Marius Neukom comes correct once again via the Comfortnoise label, following up three solid 12"s of bass & drum pressure with this sneaky, ltd edition tape, served up in a gold risoprint inlay, hand-numbered edition of 60, containing all new + remixed cuts and a DL code too

Putting forward the 'explorative composition' DAWN / IMAGO from Comfortnoise Ploy containing 2 originals in 2 versions each, their o.g. cuts share the reels together with six remixes from extended crew from in, and out of town:
RUOHO RUOTSI (Seattle - Ruoho Records, Unfulfillment, Def'child Productions), XOKI (Copenhagen - Rootplex, ZamZam Sounds), HIERONYMUS DUB SOUNDS (Copenhagen - Space Of Variants, ZamZam Sounds), MOLEKÜHL (Zürich - Statement), TRITON (Miami - Zero G Sounds, Skor), and SENDER (Altdorf, Switzerland - 12 o'Clock).

From 112 bpm to 160bpm, this one cruises the border of dubwise, techno, junglist ghosts and much more, with a slew of reworks that add individual spice to the original mixes, including rootical dub techno from ZamZam o.g's Hieronymus & Xoki, and many more.

Only 60 copies exist, each one comes hand-numbered and lookin' real nice & shiny!
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A01 Comfortnoise Ploy - Intermediate (Ruoho Ruotsi Reshape) - 04:50
A02 Comfortnoise Ploy - Intermediate (Xokis Rare Earth Version) 06:52
A03 Comfortnoise Ploy - Ho Fe Operate (skanked) - 06:08
A04 Comfortnoise Ploy - Ho Fe Operate (Hieronymus Dub Sounds Remix) 10:20
A05 Comfortnoise Ploy - Ho Fe Operate (smoked) - digital bonus track 07:25
B01 Comfortnoise Ploy - Chomolungma (molekühl Remix) 05:46
B02 Comfortnoise Ploy - ooloi - 06:51
B03 Comfortnoise Ploy - ooloi (Triton Tropical Collision) - 05:57
B04 Comfortnoise Ploy - ooloi (Sender Interpretation) 04:27
B05 Comfortnoise Ploy - ooloi (stripped) - digital bonus track 06:08

Comfortnoise Ploy - Ho Fe Operate (skanked)

Comfortnoise Ploy - Ho Fe Operate (Hieronymus Dub Sounds Remix) -

Comfortnoise Ploy - Chomolungma (molekühl Remix)

Comfortnoise Ploy - ooloi - Comfortnoise 04