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Titus 12 - Blood Circus (Limbo Tape Cassette)

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Titus 12 at the controls for Limbo Tapes, this time with a full-length excursion into his hall of warped dub mirrors, oddball melodics and bass pressure -

It's nice to see our friend Pete, aka Titus 12, come forward on Limbo Tapes with this 12 track album, after years of working on his craft and refining his production and musicianship. Showcasing his unique twist on side-stepping dub pressure, freak circus melodies and tape-warbled sound-sampling, hovering somewhere around the 140bpm mark and geared for a system of suitable amplification, it's a very well paced, well-measured listen from start to finish.

Blood Circus moves through sunken, sparse outsider dub spheres, and more frequency filled moods... But throughout, the journey remains equal parts harmonious and introspective, always in search of a deep vibration, but not light of humour, reaching for moments of sun-filled air in between the deep sea dive.

The album moves from darker shades of stretched out dubstep immersion that sway with beautifully crafted, to perfectly detuned harmonics and playfully strange sonics.

Around side B, the pace picks up through to more wonky pirate-ship steppers skipping down endless staircases in triplets, to find the ghosts that lurk in the treasure cave somewhere, playing their water-drenched accordions, harmonicas and doing the skeleton dance.

A fully intricate and imaginative trip through playful, yet sure-to-sound-heavy-on-a-big-rig, dubstep for beat-heads and echo-lovers alike >>

Limited edition tape + DL code.
Blood Orange cassette with bonus track only on the tape. On-body printing, in a clear case and full colour insert.

All tracks written and produced by Pete Hazell
Mastered by Sean Lee
Art/design by Sean Lee
Photography by Misha Ostramecki

1. Blood Circus 03:19
2. Busy Day 02:36
3. Koyla Rhythm 04:01
4. Gamma 03:49
5. Jupiter Loops 01:39
6. Devoted Shadow 03:47
7. Grow Chart 04:36
8. Overboard 03:38
9. Time Invasion One 01:20
10. Time Invasion Two 04:55
11. Hot Air 03:40
12. Epitaph 04:04

Blood Circus

Devoted Shadow

Time Invasion One