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asda - three tracks


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New project.
Noise: seb gainsborough (Vessel / APE).
Words: chester giles.

FuckPunk bring us their next record, this time in the form of a 10" featuring three tracks from the brand new outfit entitled 'asda'.

According to their latest info-sheet (which some of you may have already received in your previous mailer from us) -

asda is named after their local 24hr supplier of wine, cider and vodka, chips and fish cakes -
asda is the moniker for the output of late night / early morning sessions between the two FuckPunk activists...
Aggrovated, love-sick, tarnished and pure - chester giles speaks his poetry - universal, personal, introvert, observational.
The rhythms and noises are created interactively / reactively.

This is music that doesn't hold back, music that does what it wants, music that cuts through the struggle, coming out on top with a few scars to show, a few stories to tell...
Punk music for the new age.

Explosive business straight out of the FuckPunk HQ -

Don't f*ck around, grab your copy before you get a slap from the boys!

Limited to 325, vinyl-only.
Hand-stamped and printed centre labels on the A-side.
Sello-taped, handwritten & photocopied track titles on the flip (each one is unique).
Contains colour photo and an extra, typewritten & photocopied set of words from chester giles.
Served in over-sized polythene sleeve.

Mastered by Lewis at Stardelta, via 1/2 inch tape reel.


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