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Dj Oa$is - GOAT LIFE!


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DJ Oa$is back on the buttonz, with his ‘biggest hit’ yet!!!

GOAT LIFE is here, and best of all, there are one thousand of these, and it’s pressed up on a 7” for a shit-cheap price - PAY NO MORE THAN £2.99!

Do you need to know more?!?!

Well there's more important info about this record included in the FuckPunk info sheet, which comes with each of these wonderful records.
Served in anti-vinyl-price-hike mode, and loaded with my first sony goat sounds, ghosts-of-sleng-teng basslines in synth-pop meets grime style and some pretty mad little switch ups for x-amounts of FUN on the stereo.

There’s a B Side too, but we’ve been told ’no one needs to hear that shit’ so we’ll let you find out for yourself once you own the record.

GO ON, GIVE US THOSE 299 pennies.

P.S. the lucky first few get an extra ‘goat sticker’ too.

Edition of 999 copies (one got smashed).
hand-stamped with goat sticker, served with A4 hand-made & xerox'd info sheet,
and with a nice pink sticker (or two).