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Michael O'Neill - The Binary Order


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Oh f*ck, this LONG awaited burner from Manchester-based socio-political underground vocal force Michael O'Neill is here, FINALLY

"Essentially, we’re dealing with problems here. Let’s call it the 0800-FUCKPUNK-helpline, Michael O’Neill is on the other side of the speaker and needs you to know, as the ‘proper’ press text aptly puts it below, and as Mr. Huxley already warned, we’re all taking too much of that fucking soma!
Well here’s your undiluted antidote. 100% honest, 100% direct, 100% no bullshit - take the hit, Micheal O’Neill is here with a wake up call for us all. The album is called ‘The Binary Order’ but you can also just call it a slam in the face to all weakhearts and vampires, because this is political power punk poetry… That’s four P’s: one for each knuckle."

"Chewed up and spat out, targeted and watched."
Surplus labour piles up in concrete reservations. The veneer of democracy is fading fast. Confusion reigns. Our subjection to the economy’s ravenous death drive is eased and obscured by Silicon Valley soma, street drugs and the media’s trivialising babble. Pop music’s part of the distraction, of course, but it doesn’t have to be.

‘Binary Order’ is the debut album from Michael O’Neill, a child of Irish immigrants born and raised in North Manchester. A polemic on culture, class and society, ‘The Binary Order’ is fiercely political and musically infectious.

“I’ve had enough of this avant-garde shit”

O’Neill can rant like a Mancunian Mark Stewart when it suits him, but he’s a fine storyteller too. Privileged social butterflies, desperate addicts, vapid pop stars, and frazzled info-workers pass by in vivid character sketches. Lead track ‘One Rule’ is an anthem for the dispossessed millions – the clear-eyed urgency of its chorus contrasts bitterly with samples of a royal correspondent, fawning abjectly.

Produced by Sam Weaver (Hungryghost / Charles Hayward) with O’Neill, and additional input from electro-acoustic composer Danny Saul (‘Beowulf’ / ‘The Last Kingdom’), the album’s visionary production combines hip-hop swagger with clattering dub and cleansing acid. Its surgical hooks, unflinching lyrics and moments of sonic chaos are pacey and possessed of an irresistible narrative flow, you’ll be lucky to hear anything as bracing in 2019, or beyond.

Watch out, Michael O'Neill is here!!!!

Vinyl edition of 150, comes with DL code (but the vinyl version plays continuously from track to track) each one served with DIY cut & paste artwork, hand-stamped twice over.
The first 50 copies come with extra shreds of photocopied original lyric sheets, photos and the sweat and tears of DJ Oa$is and APE.

Side A

1. Bleak Northern Roads
2. One Rule
3. Breakneck Pace
4. Cultural Capital
5. Skeleton Convention
6. Orchestrated Entertainment

Side B

7. Modern Industry
8. Citizen 107
9. Insecure Subordinate
10. Saddled With Fear
11. It Burns

Citizen 107

Saddled With Fear

One Rule

Cultural Capital