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MXLX - ^___^


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The notorious FuckPunk label is back once again, still defying rules of genre-specification.

This time along, they present a hefty, momentous 40min piece, consisting of three tracks by Matt Loveridge aka MXLX, who, amongst other guises, counts for a heap of exceptional and unusual music under names such Fairhorns, Team Brick, and perhaps most famously as part of the band 'Beak'.
Below find some beautifully put words, taken straight from the Tape-Echo website, where you can also look at more images and words from the FuckPunk guys and MXLX himself...

"Awkwardly titled as a happy face made out of characters that do not exist on the typewriter, the titles and surrounding confusion and mystery of this record give further indication that this record is really best listened to, from start to finish, with full attention.
We've all heard this sentence before, and It's easy to say that, as it applies to many, but this record doesn't follow lazy guidelines of conform in any way... MXLX has created a three track piece that goes through many motions -
There is an immense shift in sonics throughout the LP , From the tuneful noise, the black metal-esque splatter right through to the extremely elevating, somewhat hypnotizing, isolated guitar parts that lure the innocent ear into a false sense of security just before the final assault, the relief...
This LP has an abrasive side, proving that MXLX knows how to fuck you up, yet it also shows his mastery of sound and a musicality that doesn't need to rest at mindless noise, it's a symphonic blast on your mind and soul, ready to cleanse your system and wipe out all doubt.

Basically it's a fucking stormer, so tell your neighbours to shut up, turn it up, sit back and watch the smiles unfold.

Read the latest FuckPunk info sheet, with words from Vessel aka APE, commentary from Ossia aka Oasis, and the ultimate accompanying blurb from MXLX himself, all laid out with various nice type fonts (comic sans, no less) and arranged in quick cut & paste fashion, including MXLX's impromptu press shot (the hand) 'for all the coked-up industry cunts out there'."

Served in edition of 250 records, in usual FuckPunk style and fashion – stamped, folded ripped, plunged in oversized plastic sleeve... This time there's even some meticulous MS Paint skill involved in the process.

Edition of 250, vinyl-only.
Served in oversized polythene sleeve, housing a foldout colour poster designed by MXLX (on Ms Paint)
Ripped & hand-stamped.

Produced by MXLX, mixed by Vessel / Ape and then mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.