• Orree - A / B
  • Orree - A / B
  • Orree - A / B
  • Orree - A / B
  • Orree - A / B

Orree - A / B


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The GRAFT label continue the good work and give us the round two following up the debut cat nr GRAFT00 by Big Hands (+ mysterious A side), now pushing on with label-head Orree at the buttons for GRAFT01, presenting two skewed, soundsystem tuned dubwise grime type meditations pressed up on DIY style 12" including seriously beautiful DIY style hands-on, ink layered artwork on each.

Side A let's a murky, reductionist eski synthline circulate around raw percussive elements stripped to their core, sounding a bit like early Beneath in the mix with Peverelist's more skeletal works , with a bit of raw 00's grime rawness and plenty analog grit in there.

On Side B things really open up though, perfectly paced, and sure to work as a deadly DJ tool or good trip music in itself, this one is made up of reverberant chords that reverse into vapourous clouds around flexing pitch-modulations and rubbery synthlines - sure to give the speakers a good workout, and induce some slo-mo (laser)gunfingers in the dance if played at the right volume. No doubt.

As with the previous release, this one is limited to 200 units, pressed loud and clear onto 12", and each one is hand-stamped multiple times, making each one special and unique - These are also getting hand-delivered to us in a record bag coming from Italy (fuck br*xit) - 
... It's a true labour of love, this!

Pietro Agostoni on artwork, and application.
Edition of 200, hand-printed with different inks - each one is a little different.

Mastered and cut by Marco Pellegrino at Analogcut.


Orree - A

- B (Orree Remix)