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Ernest Ranglin - Jazz Jamaica

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Previously unreleased album, recorded around 1964, now issued in fine style by Dub Store Records -

Born in 1932, in a place called Manchester (*not in the Uk - we're talking about Jamaica) - the master of Caribbean Jazz, Mento and one of the key components in the early Studio One era and the development of Ska music, Ernest Ranglin remains one of the most respected musicians to come out of the Island.

This Album, earning the title 'Jazz Jamaica', was previously unreleased.
'Jazz Jamaica' is said to be at the origin of 'Mento meets 4 Beat Jazz'... It's a wild ride through scales and tones, with a constant undertone of Jamaican rhythm, pure Island vibrations.

Produced by the Godfather of Jamaican music 'Ken Khouri' , Engineered by 'Richard Khouri' and recorded at Federal Studios in Kingston -

The lineup on this LP is matched by equally beautiful artwork - presented in a white reversed board sleeve with type written tracklist and info, along with a B&w picture of the man himself. The centre labels look equally swish.

It's a great record, a true collectors item and a piece of music history.

1: Sly Mongoose
2: Gimme Back My Shilling
3: Solus Market
4: Water Come To Me Eye
5: Hold Him Joe
6: Emmanuel Road
7: Linstead Market
8: Make Him Tan De Burn
9: Iron Bar

Sly Mongoose / Gimme Back My Shilling

Solus Market

Emmanuel Road

Make Him Tan De Burn