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Another fine item from our import cassette collection -

Eshet Eshet is a compilation of Ethiopian Records, recorded directly from the deck, via stellar selection of 7" rarities (if you can't handle a bit of crackle and tape hiss, you better go back to your spotify account).

We recognised one or two of these from listening sessions of our much-loved Ethiopiques compilation, but most of these seem to be recordings from a deep collection of Ethiopian music, a real joy on the ears.
all fans of Mulatu Astatke, Alèmayèhu Eshèté or Mahmoud Ahmed and those with a keen ear for the fine African mix of Jazz, Soul and traditional folk music should find something rewarding in this.

And even if you just get this one for it's lovely, lovely artwork - we won't judge you.

Hand-screenprinted, comes with tracklist and stamped cassette labels.

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